Keeping it real

goad the goat!I went to the Woodstock organic market last week. What really got my goat was that the best sellers there weren’t organic suppliers!

There were bakeries with (very nice) goodies, and they were really popular… But I didn’t go there to find normal goods: I went to find organic!

There’s obviously a shortage of organic suppliers, but there’s no shortage of demand. I think the organic market should stand for their values and support those who are commited to supplying only orgainc foods by keeping the market focussed.

I hope the Constantia County Living market has more integrity!



  1. Pia said,

    October 24, 2006 at 8:18 am

    Sad to hear that the Organics market wasn’t all organic – I had thought that it was so. Let’s hope they remedy that. Have you heard of The Ethical Co-Op? ( They have a website where you can order organic goodies (quite a variety) and they’ll deliver them (or you can collect).

    As far as I’m aware – they’re entirely organic.

    And the Country Living Fair was fantastic, by the way.

  2. Glen said,

    May 3, 2007 at 3:29 pm

    I think that there are just not that many organic food suppliers yet. If it was a strictly organic market there would not be that much to buy. Hopefully as more stallholders cotton-on that there is a HUGE DEMAND for organic fare, the number of organic stalls will increase.

    I know of the following organic stalls at the Woodstock Neighbour Goods market:
    – Wild Organics: fresh veg etc
    – Rob Harrewyn Organics: imported coffee, tea, sesame bars
    – Blue Sky Organics: olives

    I run the organic vegetable stall at the Constantia Country Living Market and there is only one other organic stall at the CCLM, so again it will take time before there are more organic stall holders.

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