Recycling wobbles

Serious about the environment? Great! But what do you do about it in Cape Town, RSA?

We know where to take paper, and cardboard’s easy, as there’s always a visible streetperson collecting board to exchange for a few Rands at a depot. What about the glass, cans & plastic? That’s another matter. There’s no website to visit and no lists available in public places (or anywhere for that matter) of what can be dumped where.

I have a number of ancient paint tins to dispose of and phoned City Council for this info, with no joy.  I eventually visited Waste Management in Whale Street, to be told I must take these to the toxic waste depot, somewhere in the sticks, where I will be charged for acceptance thereof! I also asked about batteries, as we all know these are toxic and should not be thrown into the bin. These evidently also must be taken to the same depot.  I wonder how many batteries are thrown into dustbins daily and what the effect of their poisonous leakage is?