Recycling wobbles

Serious about the environment? Great! But what do you do about it in Cape Town, RSA?

We know where to take paper, and cardboard’s easy, as there’s always a visible streetperson collecting board to exchange for a few Rands at a depot. What about the glass, cans & plastic? That’s another matter. There’s no website to visit and no lists available in public places (or anywhere for that matter) of what can be dumped where.

I have a number of ancient paint tins to dispose of and phoned City Council for this info, with no joy.  I eventually visited Waste Management in Whale Street, to be told I must take these to the toxic waste depot, somewhere in the sticks, where I will be charged for acceptance thereof! I also asked about batteries, as we all know these are toxic and should not be thrown into the bin. These evidently also must be taken to the same depot.  I wonder how many batteries are thrown into dustbins daily and what the effect of their poisonous leakage is?


Desert delights

desert rain in the karoo at sunsetI’m going to the exquisite Karoo desert this weekend to a  friend’s organic farm.

The beauty here is, I’m told, breathtaking!

I’ve discovered a photoset on Flickr that captures some of this magic through the lens of Rob Millenaar.. go refresh your vision of the Karoo: and discover how nature lays on precious treasure in her seemingly barren outbacks.

Organic farming in the Cape Flats

woman with plant, from Sunday TimesI noticed an article in the Saturday Argus yesterday which showed how a community initiative to get women (particularly women, I’ll explain why later) to make money and improve their health through organic farming.

It’s like the peace gardens projects of the 90’s. I loved the fact that these women actually improve their health and well-being while making money for themselves and their families.

Haha, men are generally shooed away from the projects because they’re greedy and sell all the produce without keeping any extra for themselves and their family. All about the money – when will they learn!!

Keeping it real

goad the goat!I went to the Woodstock organic market last week. What really got my goat was that the best sellers there weren’t organic suppliers!

There were bakeries with (very nice) goodies, and they were really popular… But I didn’t go there to find normal goods: I went to find organic!

There’s obviously a shortage of organic suppliers, but there’s no shortage of demand. I think the organic market should stand for their values and support those who are commited to supplying only orgainc foods by keeping the market focussed.

I hope the Constantia County Living market has more integrity!

Hello world!

My name is Sandy, I’m an amateur Astrologer and am passionate about improving the state of our environment.

There is so much more that we could be doing in our daily lives that could improve our chances of sustainable balance with nature.

This blog is dedicated to expressing some of my ideas around this cause.